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Planetary Positions Right Now

What's happening in the astrological sky today? And what does it mean?

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The following table shows the position of the planets today by sign and degree.


Zodiac : Tropical
N NodeTaurus7°56' 


How are these ten bodies distributed among the zodiac signs? The following table shows their distribution by gender, mode (Cardinal, Mutable, or Fixed), and element (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water).

masculine 5  fire 2
feminine 5  earth 3
cardinal 3  air 3
fixed 4  water 2
mutable 3  


The following is an aspect table, displaying the aspects forming between the planets at this time.

SunTrineMars5°14' 39
SunConjunctionSaturn9°49' 3
SunSquareUranus1°34' -67
MoonSextileMars4°15' 45
MercuryTrineUranus7°23' 8
MercurySextileNeptune1°21' 219
MercuryConjunctionPluto6°33' 124
VenusSextileUranus3°07' 98
MarsSextileJupiter4°24' 26
JupiterTrineLilith3°47' 26
PlutoOppositionLilith4°12' -11
  588 -576 12



The Chart of the Moment:




If someone--or an event--were born at this moment, the corresponding birth chart report is below.


Chart Report

This report shows the positions of the planets for right now.

The planets in the signs

The position of the planets in the Zodiac signs influences the nature of an individual, event, and current affairs.

The Sun is in Aquarius

The Unique. Principled. A reformer. Sincere. Unwillingness to follow the beaten track. Focusing on advancement and progress, irreverence to old and outdated patterns of thought and action, and aiming to be free of personal and social conditioning. Open to change but temperamentally stubborn. Strongly idealistic. Despising hypocrisy.

A reasoner. Aloof and even standoffish but well-liked. Curious, observant, and tolerant. A strong dislike of prejudice and bias. Clever, witty, and intellectual.

Valuing progress, personal freedom, friendship, equality, and frankness. Needing space. Resistance to being labeled or boxed in. Equality and fairness. Quirky, different, unusual, original. A rebellious and revolutionary spirit.

Weaknesses: Reactive and rebellious, opinionated.

Keywords: Non-conformist, individualistic, charitable, dignified, independent, humanitarian, inventive, original, eccentric, intellectual, idealistic, cool, friendly, and detached

Qualities to develop for greater balance: warmth, intimacy.

Favorable day: Saturday. Number: 4 (its secondary number is 8). Color: Electric Blue, Ultramarine. Metal: Uranium. Stones: Amethyst, Garnet. Flowers: Orchid, Gladiolus.

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and this planet brings structure, definition, and meaning to our world. It reminds us of our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our commitments. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, and it brings enlightenment, progressiveness, objectivity, novelty, and ingenuity. Uranus represents the spark of intuition that spurs invention.

Aquarius is of the element AIR. Air signs are intellectual, detached, and fair-minded. Aquarius is of the FIXED mode. Fixed signs seek stability and can be committed, focused, and resilient. They can also be quite stubborn and resistant to change.

Parts of the body or anatomy associated with Aquarius are the calves and ankles.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is also associated with the eleventh house. The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer.

Lucky days for Aquarius are the 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st. Lucky years are 1966, 1975, 1984, 1993, 2002, 2011, 2020, 2029, 2038, and 2047.

The Moon is in Leo

A time to entertain, be the center of attention, express, and enjoy. The desire to organize, manage, lead, and oversee, especially in the home, personal life, or with emotions.

Creative power, radiance, affection, demonstrativeness. Drama, pouting, pride. Making a big scene or splash. Seeking adoration, applause. Fair and just. A social leader.

Brave, honest, upright, imposing. Taste for splendor.

Potential problems: changing and numerous affections. Emotionally demanding and proud. Brooding when attention is not forthcoming.

Warmth, generosity, good humor, on stage, feelings are grand. Romantic. The Moon in Leo generally favors the following activities: Creative activities, activities involving children, generous undertakings, and endeavors in which personal recognition is desired.

Mercury is in Capricorn

The Realist. Level-headed. Planning for and considering the future. Comparmentalizing impressions. Building a good reputation. An appreciation for structure and order. Learning is best when the practical uses of information are apparent and information is clear, plain, and literal. Methodical studying.

Resourceful, reflective, deep thinker. A fine mind. Conventional studies. Rational. Can be pessimistic, skeptical, and sarcastic. A sharp sense of humor. Noticing everything. A sound teacher.

Venus in Pisces

The Gracious. Dreamy, soft-hearted, elusive charm. Empathetic, merciful. Sweetly playful, a little moody and irregular. Appreciation of nuance, romance, poetry. Hard to pin down and can't be rushed--intuition is key. Unintentional irresponsibility due to avoidance or dislike of confrontation. Strives toward unconditional love. Unimpressed by status. Love of the underdog and wayward folk or those in need of a little help. Devotional, seducible, self-sacrificing.

Romantic view of the world. Could take the role of saving someone or being saved. Feels misunderstood and could romanticize this state. Strongly receptive and open to possibilities, leading to noncommital tendencies. Accepting, understanding.

Mars is in Gemini

The Versatile. Seeking a variety of new pursuits, easily stimulated, in constant search of new ideas. Talkative when interested and excited. Abrupt or impatient with slowness. Hasty or nervous decisions. Issues with hands, transportation, haste.

Scattered and unfocused. Easily bored. Needing a frequent, fresh change of pace to keep interested, energetic. Physical reaction to boredom. A passion for words, using words as a weapon. Energetic or nervous discussions. Debates. Sharp wit. Fidgety. Restlessness, nitpicky. Adaptable, taking on many projects at once, versatile. Disdain for routine.

Jupiter is in Aries

The Pioneer. Good fortune through taking the lead, initiating, inspiring, and demonstrating enthusiasm and courage. Belief in the power of positivity, that life is what we make of it. Love of competition and doing things independently. A spirit of the pioneer. Living in the present and quickly seizing opportunities.

Possible pitfalls: a too-narrow focus, a me-first attitude, insensitivity, failing to consider others' points of view and leaving opportunities behind, not learning from past mistakes, impatience, and lack of foresight or objectivity.

Opportunities related to initiative, new enterprises, independent ventures, and self-starts. Images of the assertive hero, the lone wolf, the leader, the self-motivated risk-taker, and the crusader.

Saturn is in Aquarius

Testing ideals, causes, humanitarianism, the community. Rebuilding. Distrust of the group or peers. Fear of standing out, struggling with peer pressure. Saturn is dignified and functions well in Aquarius. It's a time for turning a critical eye to our dreams, goals, hopes, contributions, social structures, social lives, friendships, and community involvement.

Gaining a new perspective on friendship, community, and socializing. A time to pay extra attention to calves, lower legs, blood circulation, and the nervous system. Contraction and rigidity make yoga and stretching exercises especially important. This combination is associated with circulation and coordination problems, cataracts, and fatigue.

Uranus is in Taurus

New ways to approach money, personal possessions, personal comfort, sensuality, food, self-love, body love, and pampering. Nontraditional approach to these matters. Progressive ideas in business. Ups and downs with money, things.

Neptune is in Pisces

Religion, spirituality, the arts, and fantasy dominate, but they're also subject to confusion, lack of definition, and misunderstanding. Passivity. Mass confusion. Blurring boundaries. Looking within, valuing compassion, de-emphasizing the material world, dissolution. The belief that the key to nirvana is through increased acceptance and breaking down walls/boundaries.

Pluto is in Capricorn

Breaking down, transforming, and rebuilding big business, government, laws and rules, career, authority, traditions, and ambition. Coolness, rigidity, detachment, lacking empathy.

Interplanetary aspects

The interplanetary aspects strongly influence the character and disposition of an individual or event and, consequently, its destiny.

The conjunction aspect is variable and depends, above all, on the nature of the conjoined planets.

-237 Opposition Sun - Moon

A struggle between needs and wants. Difficulties being objective. Feeling torn. Disagreement or conflict. Obstacles to fulfillment, but a great will to overcome them.

219 Sextile Mercury - Neptune

The Imaginative. Mental imagery. Inspiration. Creative intelligence. Quickly and naturally understands.

Ability to verbalize what the imagination and intuition dictate: interpreting dreams, symbols, and hidden meanings. Sensing trends, intuiting the next step. Interesting, odd, and varied daily experiences. Non-linear thinking.

Applying imagination to daily affairs and interests. Suitable fields include journalism, teaching, writing, design, and social welfare. Distractable. Dreamy. Idealism.

Resisting hard/strict answers and definitions. Disliking being labeled, labeling things, black-or-white statements, and hard boundaries. Intuitive insight. Thoughtful, contemplative. Using knowledge to help, heal, and assist others. Relating to one another kindly, freely, and understandingly.

Relatable communications: ability to describe or give words to concepts or otherwordly ideas. Enchanting words and descriptions. Descriptive. Poetic. Fantasy, imagination, and science fiction are appealing.

Delicate words. Keeping secrets; discreet. Impressionable. Following hunches. Perceives with all the senses, paying special attention to nuance. A desire to articulate concepts, beauty, and wonder. A strong memory for moments more than facts. Great storyteller and collector of information. A time to interpret, delight, and entertain.

-153 Square Venus - Mars

Passionate, desirous, sensational, unsatisfied. Excess, especially on financial and emotional levels. Reactive and impulsive. Temperamental. Provoking when unhappy. Seeking immediate gratification at the expense of future security or benefits. Attractive and amorous. High creativity. Love-hate relationships. Some level of competitiveness, anger, frustration, or angst is present in romantic relationships.

Quick to anger, but quick to move on. Difficulties expressing true desires. Swinging between being too passive and too aggressive, the challenge is to find the middle ground and more objectivity/detachment.

124 Conjunction Mercury - Pluto

The Astute. Incredibly perceptive and resourceful. Ability to focus, concentrate, diagnose, and discern intelligently. Great sense of observation, quickly grasping the situation. Crafty, subtle, and critical.

A successful investigation, solving a mystery, research. Probing the psyche, getting to the bottom line. Financial savvy. Understanding. Not content with superficial explanations. "All or nothing" approach to learning and specific topics. Persuasion. The spy or psychologist.

-108 Square Moon - Uranus

Feverish, non-constructive restlessness. Unexpected changes, discomfort with the routine. Irritability, difficulty concentration, nervous strain. Unreliable or unpredictable feelings. Jarring events or emotions, confrontation, unexpected change of plans, or acting on a whim. Projects begun during this transit are likely to change in unexpected ways. Uncompromising moods. Sometimes this correlates with problems with electrical appliances or weather that interrupts plans.

98 Sextile Venus - Uranus

Independence or freedom in love, unusual pleasures, non-traditional pastimes or relationships. Appealing, attractive, open to new things. Somewhat detached or unpredictable.

The ability to get along with--and accept--people from all walks of life as friends. Long-distance romances.

Unusual, successful methods of business. Progressive, outside-of-the-box ventures, pleasures. Finding novel ways to harmonize, beautify, cooperate, and thrive.

-67 Square Sun - Uranus

Personal freedom is at the core of identity. Self-willed, resisting being pushed or directed. Dynamism, unconventionality, stubborn, nontraditional. Brusque or lacking some sentimentality. Nervous energy and defensiveness. Breaking the routine, changes, surprises. Resisting instruction, authority. Working on creative inspiration, leading to ups and downs with energy. Temperamental, disliking pretense. Inventiveness, spiritedness.

45 Sextile Moon - Mars

Emotions are immediate, powerful, and insistent. Frankness, honesty. Passionate. Impulsive, too direct, easily annoyed, or impatient. Craving action or activity.

39 Trine Sun - Mars

Enterprise and Initiative. Powerful stores of energy. Responding to problems or challenges with spirited and enthusiastic confidence. A talent for promotion. Direct and straightforward. Naturally competitive in an unforced and sincere manner. Belief in fair play. In love with life. Courageous. Taking the lead. Good physical vitality. Competitive but not naturally combative. Ability to control aggressions or impulses.

26 Sextile Mars - Jupiter

A good sense of organization, jovial, frank, and sincere. Full of dynamism and abundant energy. Loving life and taking in all it has to offer. Sports and outdoor life. Successful professionally and emotionally. Competitive. Fertile.

Honest and forthright in dealings with others. Giving the benefit of the doubt first until proven otherwise. Eternally optimistic that there will always be plenty around. The possibility of failure does not enter the mind, although success itself is not always the priority.

A leader, self-confident, loyal, motivating and motivated, proud, protective, just, having faith, bold, physical, active. Travel, politics, sports. Strong initiative, exuberance, dynamism, drive, energy, and innovation. Getting out or away.

26 Trine Jupiter - Lilith

Great understanding. Outstanding resilience. Rising above pettiness. An ability to help heal and give people breathing room. Independent. A master problem solver.

-11 Opposition Pluto - Lilith

Experiences that take one to the darker places in the soul. Learning valuable lessons about power and attachments. Complicated power dynamics, scandals, volatility. Troubled mind. A time to try to channel passions constructively rather than let them implode at inconvenient times. Picking up too much on the radar, reading too much into a situation.

8 Trine Mercury - Uranus

Sharp, ingenious, binding intelligence and originality together. Enjoying literature, debate, and science. Spontaneous friendships. Original ideas and unique views. Intellectual freedom. Self-directed, non-linear learning, skirts routine. Intuition is quick and accurate.

3 Conjunction Sun - Saturn

It's easy and natural to accept responsibilities, lead an orderly life, and apply caution with financial and business dealings. Unlikely to jump to conclusions or take uneducated risks. Possessing patience and self-discipline when motivated to slowly but surely achieve goals. Undemonstrative, loyal, responsible. Thoroughness, taking the necessary time, step-by-step approach. Innately trustworthy. Respectful and offering respect.

Preferring safe, secure paths. Fair leader. A realistic view of the self. Sound judgment, down to earth. A time of equilibrium when it's natural to channel energies to achieve success, organize, and plan. A time to be hard-working and supportive of others.


Here, you'll find the current planet signs and core aspects. Taken together, they can help describe the fundamental energies of the moment.

This report features more succinct text than the general natal chart report, designed to apply not only to people born at a specific time, but also to current events and electing activities or new beginnings.


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