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Planetary Positions Right Now

What's happening in the astrological sky today? And what does it mean?

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The following table shows the position of the planets today by sign and degree.


Zodiac : Tropical
N NodeAries24°55' 


How are these ten bodies distributed among the zodiac signs? The following table shows their distribution by gender, mode (Cardinal, Mutable, or Fixed), and element (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water).

masculine 3  fire 1
feminine 7  earth 5
cardinal 3  air 2
fixed 4  water 2
mutable 3  


The following is an aspect table, displaying the aspects forming between the planets at this time.

MoonTrineMercury2°25' 231
MoonConjunctionJupiter9°23' 45
MoonConjunctionUranus1°04' 558
MoonSextileNeptune2°16' 234
MoonTrinePluto4°24' 58
MercuryTrineUranus3°29' 93
MercuryTrinePluto1°59' 102
VenusSextileMars1°13' 138
VenusOppositionSaturn6°29' -62
VenusSquareUranus2°18' -62
VenusConjunctionLilith4°55' 143
MarsTrineSaturn7°42' 3
MarsSquarePluto4°23' -13
JupiterConjunctionUranus8°19' 54
SaturnOppositionLilith1°34' -66
UranusSextileNeptune3°20' 50
UranusTrinePluto5°28' 13
NeptuneSextilePluto2°08' 52
  1774 -810 964



The Chart of the Moment:




If someone--or an event--were born at this moment, the corresponding birth chart report is below.


Chart Report

This report shows the positions of the planets for right now.

The planets in the signs

The position of the planets in the Zodiac signs influences the nature of an individual, event, and current affairs.

The Sun is in Libra

Libra is sociable, interested, interesting, intellectual, approachable. Eager to cooperate, preferring not to rock the boat.

Peace-loving but capable of stirring up some trouble. Libra seeks balance and the middle ground. Trying to be everything to everyone--peace at any price! Preferring relative terms over absolutes. Civilized and refined.

Seeking partnerships. Level-headed and assimilating quickly. Libra is artistic, has a keen sense of balance, and has an eye for beauty. Libra achieves its goals through the powers of attraction and diplomacy. The Sun is in its fall in Libra.

Weaknesses: Frivolous, easily swayed by group pressure, crippling indecision.

Keywords: fair, just, compromising, understanding, kind, fair, diplomatic, likable, indecisive, respectful, artistic.

Favorable day: Friday. Number: 6. Color: pastel green, rose pink, indigo blue. Metal: Copper. Stones: sapphire, jade, diamond, smoky quartz.

Venus is Libra's planetary ruler and is the planet of love.

Libra's element is AIR, and Air signs are intellectual, detached, and fair-minded. Libra's mode is CARDINAL, and Cardinal signs want action. They correspond to the beginning of each of the four seasons.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is also associated with the seventh house. The symbol for Libra is the Balance (or Scales). Libra's lucky days of the month are 6, 15, and 24. Lucky years include 1977, 1986, 1995, 2004, 2013, 2022, 2031, and 2040.

Parts of the body associated with Libra are the lower back, kidneys.

The Moon is in Taurus

Convicted, rooted, and strong. Familiarity is security. Emotional need for earthiness, stability. Feeling with the senses. Reveling in material comforts.

Steadiness unless the Moon is very challenged. Conservative, cautious. Avoiding "messy" or unpredictable situations, crises, and emotional displays.

Romantic, simple pleasures. Affections are strong, deep, and unwavering. Protecting oneself and one's interests. Cautious moves. Reliable instincts. Strong ties to the physical world. Patience and calm. Uncomfortable with surprises. The good life. Capable. Appreciation of nature.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus and performs well. Throat, voice, music. Financial activities. A time for buying, acquisition, stocking up, attending to valuables, gardening.

Lessons: Sticking things out, dedication to building something special brings rewards. Slow and steady wins the race.

Downfalls: inflexibility, stubbornness, lack of spontaneity, excesses in pleasure, laziness, thoughtlessness.

When judging the Moon in Taurus, consider the condition of Venus.

Mercury is in Virgo

A time to discuss, deduce, judge, and reason logically and accurately. A time of cautious, moderate thinking. Wanting facts and certainties.

Spending a lot of time on practical matters and keeping things in order. Can be nitpicky and nervous, secretly feeling more equipped to handle matters efficiently.

Venus is in Leo

The Generous. Warm, generous, grand. Proud, boastful in love. Wanting to court and be courted, a need to feel very special. Thriving on attention from lovers or love interests. High expectations. Big-heartedness, keeping the spark alive. Frustrated with indifference or impersonal behavior.

Loyalty, a big sense of fun. Sincere, frank, and warm affections. Possessiveness. Wanting to stand out.

A good or profitable time for contests, lotteries, parties, recreation, drama, adornment, jewelry, costumes, art dealing, and all things golden. Generosity and warmth help draw in the right resources.

Mars is in Libra

The Persuasive. Reflecting before acting. Persuasive, perceptive, and quick to debate. Indecisive due to weighing all the alternatives but action-oriented. Ardent, magnetic, amorous. Enthusiastic but vacillating energy. Seeks cooperation.

Procrastination. Quick to defend others (and oneself). The overarching goal is to live peacefully but stirs things up to achieve this harmony. A strong desire to balance everything.

Charming, playing innocent, passive-aggression, subterfuge. Fighting for justice and fairness in the world. Adept at predicting when problems and discord will occur well in advance. Excellent at compromise and conflict management.

Jupiter is in Taurus

The Builder. Being charitable, generous but discriminating, and patient can attract good fortune. Good-humored. Delighting in sensual pleasures, luxuries, and wanting the good life. A great love of the earth, nature. Accumulating and building. Above all else, seeking comfort, security, harmony, and well-being. Valuing steadiness, persistence, longevity, predictability, naturalness, self-willed efforts, and determination.

Possible pitfalls: Over-indulgence, sensation-focused, over-valuing the material world, big spending, resisting innovation.

Opportunities result from strong instincts for business and long-term value. Good fortune or experiences surrounding money, gifts, and personal possessions. Preferring products/services that are earthy, practical, timeless, natural, and high-quality. Focusing on steadiness, regularity, and rhythm or balance is fortifying.

Saturn is in Pisces

Reclusive, with sullen humor. Liking solitude, contemplation, and working alone.

Testing faith. Fear of being vulnerable. A time for turning a critical eye to (and gaining a new perspective on) our dreams, mental health systems, and sense of compassion and empathy.

Watch for: avoiding scrutiny at all costs, which can lead to missed opportunities. Persistent or formidable enemies.

Uranus is in Taurus

New ways to approach money, personal possessions, personal comfort, sensuality, food, self-love, body love, and pampering. Nontraditional approach to these matters. Progressive ideas in business. Ups and downs with money, things.

Neptune is in Pisces

Religion, spirituality, the arts, and fantasy dominate, but they're also subject to confusion, lack of definition, and misunderstanding. Passivity. Mass confusion. Blurring boundaries. Looking within, valuing compassion, de-emphasizing the material world, dissolution. The belief that the key to nirvana is through increased acceptance and breaking down walls/boundaries.

Pluto is in Capricorn

Breaking down, transforming, and rebuilding big business, government, laws and rules, career, authority, traditions, and ambition. Coolness, rigidity, detachment, lacking empathy.

Interplanetary aspects

The interplanetary aspects strongly influence the character and disposition of an individual or event and, consequently, its destiny.

The conjunction aspect is variable and depends, above all, on the nature of the conjoined planets.

558 Conjunction Moon - Uranus

Independence, originality, out of the ordinary events. Acting on intuition, impulse.

-442 Opposition Mercury - Neptune

Errors of judgement, lying, lacking sincerity or naive. Letting things go, mentally lazy, self-deception or deception. Busy dreaming. Afraid of reality and facts. Anxious about being tested or challenged. Too much time is wasted on avoiding, creating stories, worrying, and guilt. Remember: covering up the misdeed is usually worse than the misdeed.

Best way to break free from the traps of this position is to constructively tie in the abundant imagination with logical thought processes. Otherwise, the imagination leads to unnecessarily complicated situations.

234 Sextile Moon - Neptune

Compassion, devotion, charitability, a natural affinity with music, poetry, drama. Perceptiveness, sensing the mood or atmosphere, deja vu, serendipity. A pleasant escape or withdrawal. Strong and sudden hunches. Biding one's time, taking things in, going with the flow.

231 Trine Moon - Mercury

Expressiveness, animated communications. Memory is strong, observant, picking up a lot of information from the environment. Exchanging ideas. Stories from/of the past. Sharing details of the day. Curious, interested, love of variety, ease of communication. Accommodating. Avoiding heavy emotional matter or demands. Loves to know, light gossip, interesting news. Sense of humor, playful, versatile, fun. Imaginative mental pursuits.

In business, a good influence for negotiation, trading, and communications. Successful communication with youth. A time of a light heart-to-heart, sharing common interests. Favorable for public speaking and presenting ideas with flair. A good time to take tests, do interviews, retain information, memorize, study, and promote, if other factors agree.

-165 Square Moon - Venus

Valuing harmony to the point of compromising more than is healthy and ultimately feeling resentful. Strong need for approval and hunger for receiving affection.

Conflicts in relationships about family or clashes within the family about partnerships. Internal conflicts between desire for familiarity versus need for stimulation and pleasure. Hypersensitivity, minor social unrest. Insecurity, overly yielding. Indulgence, lustfulness, laziness, overspending, passiveness. Enjoys pleasures, luxuriating, lacking some self-discipline.

143 Conjunction Venus - Lilith

Charm, beauty, powerful attraction and magnetism. A pleasant intensity in love. Feelings are complicated, brooding. Embracing, accepting, and understanding the complex side of human nature. Ability to balance a deep need for independence with the desire for companionship; light and dark.

138 Sextile Venus - Mars

Amorousness, passion, demonstrativeness, healthy and hearty pleasures. Friendly competition. A good time to flirt, get together, create, and compete. Powerful magnetism and attractiveness.

Exciting yet comfortable interactions, physical attractions. Vital and strong rapport. Profitable decisions. Personal approach to sales.

102 Trine Mercury - Pluto

The Astute. Incredibly perceptive and resourceful. Ability to focus, concentrate, diagnose, and discern intelligently. Great sense of observation, quickly grasping the situation. Crafty, subtle, and critical.

A successful investigation, solving a mystery, research. Probing the psyche, getting to the bottom line. Financial savvy. Understanding. Not content with superficial explanations. "All or nothing" approach to learning and specific topics. Persuasion. The spy or psychologist.

93 Trine Mercury - Uranus

Sharp, ingenious, binding intelligence and originality together. Enjoying literature, debate, and science. Spontaneous friendships. Original ideas and unique views. Intellectual freedom. Self-directed, non-linear learning, skirts routine. Intuition is quick and accurate.

-66 Opposition Saturn - Lilith

Inflexibility, fear of loss of control or of being in the dark on a matter, perfectionism.

-62 Opposition Venus - Saturn

Difficulty expressing feelings, affections, or joy. Disappointments, break-ups, inhibitions, lack of satisfaction, denial, rejection, parting with something cherished or enjoyable. Problems in love or friendship. Doubting others' feelings. Feeling undeserving, unattractive, plain/dull, or insecure. Restrained, self-pity, loneliness. Tightness with money. Keeping feelings close to the chest. Reminders of responsibilities or duties make it challenging to fully let go.

-62 Square Venus - Uranus

Seeking new sensations in love or with pleasure. Dissatisfaction with conventional relationships and activities. Liking novelty, adventure, the eccentric or unusual. Attracted to taking risks. Unwilling to give up any personal freedom. Nervous energy, high-strung, excitability. Unusual charm, wit. Commitment-shy. Broken or interrupted engagements/plans.

58 Trine Moon - Pluto

Observing and analyzing, strategy. Powerful emotions and intense feelings. A time to recognize emotions but keep them in check; to keep some things to oneself. Favors business, obtaining loans, taxes, and joint finances. Karmic repayment or benefit. A time to look for and find a lost item or find a new use for an old item. A time to downsize, organize, kick a habit, start a good routine: transformations.

54 Conjunction Jupiter - Uranus

The Visionary. Quick to size things up, accurate instincts. Craving knowledge, independence, and freedom of action. A non-conformist. Interesting and in demand. Unexpected good fortune and lucky opportunities. Sincerity and openness. Unconventional ideas, beliefs, worldview, and opinions. Prophetic.

52 Sextile Neptune - Pluto

Ability to see the layers of a situation. Intrigued by what makes things work, motivations.

50 Sextile Uranus - Neptune

The Mystic. Wildly creative, with an odd but happy sense of humor and perspective. Idealistic, tolerant, and kind. Easily disappointed by those using power plays to advance. Embracing new and refreshing approaches or belief systems. An innate acceptance of mysticism.

45 Conjunction Moon - Jupiter

Emotionally upbeat, particular enjoyment of friends, family, social life, sharing, and exchanges. Legal, real estate, educational, publishing, or travel matters proceed smoothly. Public relations, popularity, approval. A favorable, brief period for achievement and recognition, learning, teaching, taking exams, publishing, and promotion. Pleasant composure, optimistic. Gaining perspective on emotional matters. Broad-mindedness, seeing the bright side/humor, especially in the mundane. Faith in the basic goodness of people and life. Tolerance, fairness, seeking the truth.

-13 Square Mars - Pluto

Buried anger that erupts disruptively. Hair-trigger temper, the possibility of abusiveness. Must learn to react to unpleasant circumstances with the intellect rather than emotions. Tendency to issue ultimatums when meeting an obstacle. Easily provoked or frustrated by dominating attitudes in others.

Intense desires. Magnetic appeal. Coming across more aggressively than intended. Determined, with an "all or nothing" attitude. Fear of rejection, betrayal, and abandonment. Power struggles and control issues often surfacing in relationships. Perceiving the cruel edge in people and understanding its source. Self-confidence develops out of self-control.

13 Trine Uranus - Pluto

Motivated to improve daily life. Persevering. Championing for the underdog, personal freedoms, reform. Scientific progress. Heightened perception. Unusual ideas.

3 Trine Mars - Saturn

The Builder. The workhorse. A survivalist. Reliability. Determined, resourceful, and disciplined. Having strength and resistance, ability and patience. Tough and somewhat strict or insensitive. Pouring energy and talents into overcoming obstacles. Persistent, enduring, obstinate, calculating, planning, and considering all possible consequences. Not necessarily popular, but respected.

Well-laid plans. Shrewd. Powerful resistance. Serious when working; workaholic tendencies. After a setback, getting right back up again and carrying on. Slow but steady success. Tempered enthusiasm. Seeking balance. Taking time without losing patience to achieve objectives. Conserving energy for priorities.


Here, you'll find the current planet signs and core aspects. Taken together, they can help describe the fundamental energies of the moment.

This report features more succinct text than the general natal chart report, designed to apply not only to people born at a specific time, but also to current events and electing activities or new beginnings.


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